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BaumTech is the leader in ATM outsourcing for financial institutions throughout the United States. We handle all of your ATM headaches and let you focus on your primary business. We’ve partnered with dozens of regional and national financial institutions to successfully install and manage their ATM network. 


We help business owners and entrepreneurs place ATMs in their locations with our Turnkey ATM Placement Program. You can place an ATM at no cost to you and receive monthly commission checks from the transaction revenue generated with each ATM.


BaumTech can help grow your brand and expand your presence by custom wrapping our network of ATM’s with your bank/credit union branding. This allows you to reach new markets quickly and affordably..


Install an easy to use QR code on your ATM’s and allow users to scan and talk to a live banker or customer service rep. It’s a much more affordable alternative compared to expensive video ATMs, yet still gives your users a high-quality customer experience when interacting with your bank/credit union.


TOWR™ is the latest in smart digital signage. We’ve created an interactive touch screen display that captures attention and gets viewers to interact and opt-in right then and there. It’s like social media for brick and mortar, and it’s a way to 3x the return you’re getting from old TV monitors that simply display static images and videos.



Having placed thousands of ATMs across the country, we have the team and experience to make sure your ATMs are installed and working their best. Whether it’s indoors, outdoors, or through the wall machines, our experts can get the job done.


Similar to our turnkey ATM program, we will manage your cashless services from start to finish. We will purchase and place new equipment, manage cash flow and delivery, provide maintenance and support, and issue timely reports.

Are you a financial institution looking to reduce costs and headaches by outsourcing your ATM installation, operations, and servicing?


To get started with any of our services or learn more about how to outsource your ATM services, feel free to reach out and schedule a call with one of our BaumTech ATM experts.